Aug 19, 2017

caricature that I gifted to my brother. :)

Here is the caricature of my brother that I gifted on his success. I enjoyed this digital artwork.

Aug 3, 2017

Recent fun illustrations

Recent fun illustrations. Did these illustrations in between the assignments. Really enjoyed doing that. First one is a shepherd from Rabari society rajsthan and second one is musician playing musical instrument Rawan hattha from rajsthan. 


"Man playing Rawan hattha"

Jul 20, 2017

Gift caricature to freinds.

Best buddies! Did this group caricature of my friends for a gift. If you want something like that message me.

Jun 26, 2017

Arijit Singh portrait illustration

Its always fun doing this kind of in between illustrations during the assignments. Always trying to do some different experiments and here is the result. Arijit singh the melodious voice of Bollywood.

Jun 18, 2017

A R Rehman illustration

A recent illustration of bollywood's legendary music director and singer A R Rehman. In this illustration I tried music note sheet as collage. 

May 23, 2017

Digital portrait of Paresh rawal

Did this digital portrait of bollywood's versatile actor Paresh rawal. that was an in between illustration. Had fun doing that.   

May 1, 2017

Man with balloon.

I was exploring with acrylic on canvas. Sketched this character. Thought was that a business man was thinking about his childhood, childhood fun. and obviously we all do remember our childhood. 

Apr 22, 2017

Ganesha illustration

This illustration was done back in 2016. that was an in between and 
quick one. hindu god Ganesha.


Apr 21, 2017

A badman from bollywood ... Ranjeet

couple of months back I started doing some caricature illustration of bollywoods villain. painted some character from different movies. Now I am sharing the Ranjeet art work. will post rest of artwork soon.
bollywood, badman, villain, ranjeet,

Apr 19, 2017

Saurabh Shukla Caricature from Jolly llb2

What a face to draw a caricature. The very talented actor of bollywood Saurabh Shukla.

Apr 18, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

The Prem Chopra

Just finished the caricature of Bollywood's cutest villain Prem chopra.